About - Steve Bendykowski

About the Artist

I am a full-time artist that has evaluated and rejected the path that so many serious contemporary artists take. Instead -

I have made a deliberate choice to live and paint in obscurity far from the art world. Without the pressure to sell or exhibit I am truly free to paint according to my own vision and convictions. It is enough that I have used my god given talent to the best of my ability.

Maybe I have attained the modern ideal of an artist described by Tom Wolfe: “The poor but free spirit, plebeian but aspiring only to be classless, to cut himself forever free from the bonds of the greedy and hypocritical bourgeoisie, to be whatever the fat burghers feared most, to cross the line wherever they drew it, to look at the world in a way they couldn’t see, to be high, live low, stay young forever–In short, to be the Bohemian.”

Understanding My Art

Because of the meticulous detail, carefully worked out compositions and the curious titles of my paintings you might assume that I had something very specific in mind and could tell you clearly what it all means. I can’t. Why I paint and what I paint is a mystery to me, and I like it that way. I begin with a detailed plan but always let the painting find itself as I paint. Any title or description I assign comes only when the painting is finished and I have had time to contemplate what it all means.

You Really Want an Artist's Statement?

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