How to Paint

Seeing Like an Artist

Video Tutorial

After watching this 10 minute video I have seen the paintings of students improve dramatically in less than 30 minutes. Those that have painted for years have told me no one had ever taught them this, or if they did it was done in a way that was confusing or in a way they could not put into practice. Seriously, I have never known a student who has followed the advice in this video not to improve. This knowledge will take your artwork to a new level quickly.

How to Mix Paint to Match Any Color

Video Tutorial

Got about 10 minutes to learn a trick to easily mix paint to match any color? Yes, easily. Just follow the 7 steps in my Color Mixing Guide and you will be mixing like a pro. In this video I will show you how to use a limited palette of 5 colors and gray to do just that. Well, I have to confess there are some very bright and intense colors where this trick won’t work, but you can buy 3 more colors and solve that problem - but for now, we will stick with the 5 colors. You can download the Color Mixing Guide (see below) when you are ready to start mixing.

Color Mixing Guide (with material list)

Downloadable Guide

If you have tried other color mixing systems and found them unworkable, this system is for you. In just 7 steps you can match any color in the natural world. And best of all you only need 6 tubes of paint to make it work. As a bonus you will also match the correct value which many believe is more important than getting the color right Yes, this system really works! Also included is a recommended material list.

Also watch me demonstrate how to use the system in the video above.

Acrylic and Oil Painting Material List & Photo Selection

Downloadable Document

This material list was created for my workshop students, however anyone can use it.

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