How to Mix Any Color in 7 Steps

This 7-step system makes it easy to match any color you can see in the natural world. And best of all you only need 5 tubes of paint to make it work. Yes, this system really works! Also included is a recommended material list. View or download the 7-step guide here.

Becoming the Artist You Want to Be

One of the most difficult and important things you will ever have to do is to decide just what kind of a artist you want to be. This short article gives what I think is the best advice you could ever get on becoming the artist YOU want to be. View or download it here.

Lighting for Painting and Photographing Art

You should be able to paint in your studio with confidence knowing you are seeing all of the colors on your canvas properly and that the painting will look good under other lighting conditions. As a bonus you can use the lights for photographing your art. Fortunately, the price of highly accurate & adjustable LED lighting is available for under $200. View or download Guide here.

How to Setup Studio Lighting

This one page instruction sheet shows you how to POSITION your lights for minimal glare and maximum color accuracy... it is actually easy once you know the trick to doing it. Another advantage is that you can use this setup for photographing your artwork. View or download Setup Guide here.

Photographing Artwork Without Reflections or Glare (Using Cross Polarization)

Want to photograph your artwork without reflections or glare? Then the cross polarization technique is for you. This technique makes is easy once you have the right equipment and polarizing filters on your lights and camera lens is the magic that makes it all happen. Simply rotate the camera lens polarizer until the glare disappears. View or download the Polarizer filter instructions here.        

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